Since I was a kid two things have always fascinated me; Technology, and its creative potential. Once I picked up my dad's camera, there was no turning back. I didn't just want to take pictures, but also understand everything about the process. I took cameras apart, and built very basic ones as well. Eventually at 13 I would play with chemicals in a darkroom. When computers entered the picture it became possible to not just adjust existing images in exciting new ways, but to create entirely new images completely from scratch. By '95 I was experimenting with basic 3D rendering. Soon video and other forms of multimedia would enter the fray.

By the late '90s I started to harness electronics to produce not just images, but also sounds. I had been curious about electronic music since I was a toddler, when my dad would play his records though a speaker under my bed. What could possibly make that noise I wondered... Perhaps if you hit an egg with a hammer? How wrong I was! Yet discovering synths opened up a world of even more creative possibilities. Starting with software, I sought out physical boxes with actual knobs and sliders. Since "real" equipment was too expensive for a teen, at first I had build my own. Soon I added a roomful of music machines bought second hand.

This brings us to today. All the years spent tinkering with multimedia technologies have led to a career in several New York City ad agencies. Through projects large and small you could see my work around the web, in print, and once on a billboard in Times Square. However, the experiments that started this all continue in stride. I've taken my photography to the most challenging technical level, turning my cameras and later telescopes towards the sky. My musical journey continues, and there is always a lot to learn and a lot of work to be done. Thank you for taking the time to share in some of these explorations with me.