This DHL truck model was created for Ogilvy One and Ogilvy Interactive for use in their
360 campaign. It was used in an animation I created later which was showcased on the Reuters
building in Times Square. You can see that video in the 3D animation section.
These are stills from an animation created for use in Flash banners. These elements were
prominently featured on the DHL website.
This model was a concept study for a small form factor PC based on the Shuttle G series.
This is a still from a "vamp" animation created for independent film company "The Workshop".
The animation was meant to be included in front of their short films.
This car was created for a thesis project at the School of Visual Arts. Sold by a used car
salesman as brand new, this circa '71 ford mustang fell apart as you watched...
Created as my first foray into NURBS modelling, this model was later used for a wide variety
of "experiments" with lighting, radiosity, caustics and so on. It is here that I discovered my passion for
detail, as even the screws of the guitar were modelled as individual objects.
This building was textured in what spare time I had to help out fellow SVA alumni Eric and
Evan with their project called persistance of memory. As it happened persistance of memory wound
up winning the 2003 first place Adobe design achievement award for Digital Media.
Created as a study on polygonal modeling using everyone's favorite fantasy vehicle.
Created way back in 98 as a test for underwater lighting. It was later made into an
animation used in a makeshift music video.
Phone mockups created for mobile banking Flash animations